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I am Domenic DeMenna, a second generation contractor. For years, I worked with my father, who I affectionately called “The Old Master”. His attention to detail has been the backbone of my life. I then had returned to college where I graduated from Villanova University with a bachelors in Civil Engineering. I have been a contractor for over ten years and a trusted resource for thousands of customers.


I am driven by quality and value performance with a track record of being a resourceful and an effective catalyst for positive change and continuous improvement. Demonstrated ability to implement a clear vision, establish process and positive results.


Extensive leadership experience gleaned through a wide variety of operating roles in business ownership, management, marketing, product management, sales, and information technology.  Extensive interpersonal experience gained through services for people with disabilities, executive experience, and business management.


Guiding Principal

DEMENNA HOME IMPROVEMENTS is your “one stop” resource for most all of your home maintenance and repair solutions. I am a highly skilled craftsmen, so you know I will get the job done right the first time: guaranteed.