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New computer!

So I received my new Lenovo T420 last week and have been running it through it’s paces… So far I give it an 8 out of 10… I docked one point because the laptop will not output at 1920×1200 to my external monitor, which is a pain for photo editing… I docked another point for […]

(!NSFW!) Back to the Factory

  Marowit is an awesome lass and I love shooting her, she knows her body and how to show it off… we trekked down to an abandoned factory near my place and had a great shoot, enjoy! This photo is more of a runner up to the title photo, but I liked how she shifted her […]

It’s not the New York Frank was talking about!

  So, me and my girlfriend trekked into the Adirondacks to look for colleges, myself for engineering and her for Ecology and Forestry. Thanks, in entirety to our wonderful neighbors, we were allowed to use their second home located in a small mountain town called Jay for several days while we made college visits!  we […]

Starting a new project soon!

working on some new ideas, it’s sort of a reshoot of the Factory photos I posted several months ago… but I’ve come up with a more solidified theme for this shoot. Until my model returns from europe, I will been contenting myself by doing some landscapes! I’ve done two so far… I’m concerned about how […]

Old Shoots

I love going through photos from old shoots and re-checking some of the photos I tossed off as lame or bland and seeing some new spark in them… more to come later

back in the game…

…been in a funk lately…

Sigma SD1

Okay so, if you don’t know me, then you probably wouldn’t know that I am 100% Sigma, I currently shoot with an SD14… it is honestly one of the best camera’s I’ve ever used… it’s so close to film it’s crazy! (APS-C film of course…) so when I heard about the new SD1 (albiet, a […]


it’s done!!! after two and a half weeks of coding, the website is functioning exactly the way I want it to! Now it’s time for some photography! so for the past two weeks, on top of working on this website, I’ve been meeting with an old friend from high school. It suffices to say, I […]

First Post!

very excited