Other artists you may like

Mollie Little:
Mollie is pretty much the coolest graphic designer I know, she’s a real refresher in a world predominated by cookie cutter adverts and uninspired fliers. We met through my girlfriend, Cherissa, while they were both at MICA (art school in Baltimore) and I realized she wasn’t “just another graphic art student” rather some one with real potential. She has this great ability to shift between styles, where some of her work is a healthy mix of cleverly surreal commentary on her surroundings and some of her work is clean and simple, yet still inspired work. Check her site out either by clicking on her name above or click the link below

Andrew Joy:
Andrew is one of those people you either understand from the get-go or miss their point entirely. He’s a very talented and accomplished photographer, mixed media artist and an aspiring beer & mead craftsman. His themes are usually dark, macabre and regularly influenced by early German culture with final projects bordering on the thin line between bizarre and morbid. Despite this however, he maintains a strict ethic with his work and speaks through his art honestly and frankly. You can check out his website by either clicking his name above or using the link below

Jeremy Sims
Out of all the sculptors I’ve met, Jeremy is quite possibly the most endearing of them all. you really can’t help but like this guy, but I can’t think of anything else to write at the moment… probably because it’s closing in on 1am… so Jeremy will have to wait for me to finish his bio thingy :) BUT CHECK OUT HIS WORK!!! it’s super cool :D you can click his name above or use the link below!

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