Reason Rally!

S’been a while, I thought I’d break the silence with some epic event photography!  So, I was at the Reason Rally this past weekend (had a fantastic time) and basically made my way to the front of the rally(!) and managed to get some really awesome pictures and met some (in my opinion) very admirable people.

For those who don’t know me fairly well, I’m an atheist and a big supporter of separation of church and state, proper science education, gender equality and teaching children to be good because it’s right, not because they’ll be punished if they aren’t.  This rally was organized to communicate all of these topics in a public venue and to show that we’re not some insignificant percentage of the population who’s vote is relatively irrelevant.  Oh and to have an awesome time mingling with over twenty thousand like minded people! (and keeping a light spirit despite the rain!)

Chris, a buddy of mine standing with Nate Phelps, estranged son of Fred Phelps (Westboro Baptist Church)

These ladies were so funny!

The Amazing James Randi!

AronRa, looking exceptionally dapper.

Annie Laurie Gaylor & Dan Barker.

Victor Harris.

Nate Phelps delivering one of the most emotional speeches of the day.

Richard Dawkins.

David Silverman “Are you serious” meme.

Christina Rad! (ZOMGitsCriss) poor lass was so nervous!  Fantastic speech though!

P.Z. Meyers!  Spectacular speech as well.

Eddie Izzard!  He was amazing, he made some original material just for the rally.

Dr. Lawrence Krauss!  I personally love this man’s work.  His speech was very good as well.


Below are all of the photos from the Bad Religion aftershow!  Some pictures of the mosh pit may be a bit graphic…

Shots from the Bad Religion aftershow!

from here down, these pictures were not taken by myself nor with my camera…

@ the Rally, Chris’ friend Tracy introduced me to ThunderF00t, he liked my Cotton Carrier!

Christina Rad and myself!  She’s so pleasant in person, I would have given her a hug but I was being awkward or something…

ThunderF00t!!  My personal favorite youtuber and chemist, we’d been holding that pose for a bit, hence our impatient looking faces.

This was funny, me being 6’6″ Christina was feeling short and said I should “fix it” :P (Yes thats AronRa in the backgound! shook his hand but didn’t really have much to say)

My buddy Chris wanted a picture too and got a sillier reaction.

I think this is all of them… :P

I should have a shoot coming up tomorrow… We’ll see how that goes, laterz.


  • Rebecca Young March 29, 2012 Reply

    I wish I could have gone! Looked like fun. Seeing that dude laying on the ground haha and Christina!

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