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Stuff from 2013

Hawk Mountain

A spectacular day spent at the Hawk Mountain Preserve.

A trip into the woods!

I went camping with a friend on his family’s farm, I got some photos! Thought I’d throw an infrared test shot in here that I took.  


I started the trip with some infrared photos of the clouds out of the window of the plane, I got one spectacular shot! Once we got situated, I sat down to write a letter to my girlfriend, After which I went looking for birds, I didn’t have to go very far, And found some “coati” […]

Exton? No, really, Exton.

Went out for a stroll with a friend last weekend and got some nice shots in apparently scenic Exton…  We stumbled upon a small pond with a waterfall, and these sunfish were jumping out of the water and trying to swim up the waterfall.  The picture I posted was the best one I got, because […]

Reason Rally!

S’been a while, I thought I’d break the silence with some epic event photography!  So, I was at the Reason Rally this past weekend (had a fantastic time) and basically made my way to the front of the rally(!) and managed to get some really awesome pictures and met some (in my opinion) very admirable people. […]

Old work I forgot to upload.

This happens too frequently… Some day I’ll get a system down. Till then, here’s some new/old photos from about a month ago.    


Cherissa moved up to Syracuse New York a few weeks ago and I brought my camera. From feral cats to hoppy frogs, I got  a fun assortment of photos! Enjoy!  

Self Portraits

  I had an interview yesterday morning, so I was all snazzed up. In the few extra hours I had to waste before leaving I realized I have been neglecting my camera a bit. So I decided to do a few self portraits.  

More news on the SD1!

Launch is set for early June and MSRP is apparently $9700… Yikes, I guess we all undershot our guesses by a few grand…  However if you look at some of the lens kits you can pre-order, such as the SD1+30mm f/1.4, the MSRP drops to $7,819?  So if this is accurate, it would seem like […]